How to find Microsoft office product key

When you have to install a software program, you are required to use the product key to complete the process. The same installation procedure is used for the Microsoft Office, this means that you are required to put forward the office product key. In case, you somehow lost the product key for Microsoft office, you have to search for it before proceeding to reinstall the software program. Searching for the Microsoft office product key virtually looks like an unattainable task as the office product keys remain hidden in the Windows Registry.

 If you are planning to attain to this task, try to detect the right registry key. After pinpointing the registry key, you will come across a thread of numbers. But in your findings, instead of the product key for Microsoft office, you find the ciphertext which is impossible to understand. Instead of going crazy trying to decode the hidden text, use the Key Finder program which will decipher the text and offering you the authentic Microsoft office product key. Now you can install office with product key.

How to find the office product key from the working computer?

Microsoft office license key will be found in three places, in the software on the computer, printed as a sticker, inserted on the computer’s UEFI firmware.

The newer version of Windows 8 and Windows 10 does not store the Microsoft office license key in the software. Instead, it is inserted on the BIOS or UEFI firmware of the computer. To search for the UEFI firmware key, go to the start menu and type the word “Powershell”. When the application of Powershell comes up, run it. Next, enter the command (Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from SoftwareLicensingService’).OA3xOriginalProductKey and select enter. Your cipher Office Setup Product Key will be given to you so note it down and keep it in a secure space.

In many of the Windows 7 computers, the product key is only a single key. And the manufacturer uses the single key for all the other computers. Due to the “system locked pre-installation” default setting, the users cannot make use of the key while installing Windows. To check for the product key, search for the authentic certificate sticker o the PC. This Certificate of Authenticity certifies on the genuine copy of the Windows and the product key will be given on the sticker.

One of the easiest methods to retrieve the product key is through a third-party. You can use the utility of NirSoft as they offer free-crapware and is really effective. The only negative obstacle of using NirSoft is that the antivirus alerts on malware they might be trying to obtain your key.

Some Easy Way to Find Product Key For Microsoft Office

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