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How to Activate Microsoft Office

Activate Microsoft Office

Microsoft provides its office tools for individuals, schools, and big business enterprises. Microsoft office provides an excellent online and offline platform for you to take care of your business from anywhere at any time. Whether you are on Windows or MAC, Microsoft office is a necessary tool for everyone. If you are interested in Office tools such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, you can visit our website and get more about their products and How to Activate Microsoft Office properly in your Windows or MAC.

Why Activate Microsoft Office?

If you downloaded the 30 days trial version of Microsoft Office on your computer. Just to check whether it is useful or not. After using it, if you find it useful and think that if you disconnect your system from the internet you can use it for more days. The answer is No. That’s not how it works.

In that case, If you were using 30 days trial package and when it got expired, the Microsoft office eventually unlicensed products and disable all its editing features. So make sure you purchase its full version. The Microsoft product will ask for an activation key. To resolve that you need to buy the product, and will get a 25 digits product key to Activate Microsoft Office.

To Activate Microsoft Office, you to get a valid product key from Microsoft, according to work. It can be a standalone product key or a server one. If you want a Microsoft office for your individual use, go for standalone and if you want Microsoft office products for your entire office’s systems or for your school computer lab then, go for the server one.

Troubleshoot the Microsoft Office Activation Problem

The below-mentioned tips are easy and simple to follow to get you to know How to Activate Microsoft Office without hustle-bustle. So follow the tips in a step-by-step manner for better results. The following solutions are for:

  1. Using the Microsoft Wizard Window
  2. Activate How to activate Microsoft Office over the telephone
  3. Whether you can transfer Microsoft Office tools into a new system
  4. Want to activate Microsoft Office product 
  5. Check for new updates, after activating Microsoft Office
  6. Check your Limit error. How to resolve it. 

Solution 1

Activate Microsoft Office Using the Microsoft Wizard Window

  • If your trial version is expired, the office tool asks to activate Microsoft Office. An activation wizard window starts appearing in your system screen.
  • In that activation wizard window, select that you want to activate the product using the Internet.
  • Click on Next, if you have purchased and then download the Microsoft product. Then it won’t ask for a product key, you can follow the instructions.
  • Click on Next and press Enter to complete the activation process.

Solution 2

Activate Microsoft Office Over the Phone Number 

The activation over the telephone option is generally said to be no longer in support and also disabled in office 365 version. But you need not worry because we will explain to you, how to use it.

  • You have to open the activation wizard window in your system if the activate the product using the Internet is selected by default. Change it over to activate by telephone option and hit on Next.
  • In step 1, you have to enter your region/country and then contact Microsoft through their Product activation Service Number. Check it on the Internet, according to your country.
  • Follow the instructions provided by their technical team.
  • Enter your valid Installation ID, and for the next step technical team will share a confirmation ID to you.
  • Now, you ready to use the Microsoft products, follow the instructions and press Next and then Enter.

Solution 3

Whether You Can Transfer Microsoft Office Tools into a New Computer

If you have a question regarding whether you can move or transfer your Microsoft Office to your new system or not. The answer is yes, you can but make sure you don’t do it under 90 days after transferring your Microsoft Office into one system to another. This information is mentioned in the Microsoft License Terms and conditions

  • First, it will ask you how you got Microsoft product
  • Then select which product you want to transfer
  • The select which version of the product, you are using 
  • Select the language in which you want to see the license terms doc.
  • Click on Go
  • A pdf will appear just in the search section, click on it to download.

Solution 4

Activate Microsoft Office with Product Key

  • Visit
  • Log on with your account on Microsoft.
  • Next window will open, enter the activation key, you have.
  • Click on Next.
  • In the final step, you’ll have your Microsoft office installed and activated in your system. 

Proceed with the same process for both Windows user as well as MAC users

Solution 5

Check for New Updates, After Activate Microsoft Office

For Microsoft Office 2016/2013 Version:

  • Go to the Windows logo, click on it and then go to all programs.
  • Look for Microsoft Office. Click on the folder. Microsoft Office folder will expand with its product and Select Word file to open and press enter.
  • Microsoft word will open, click on the File tab
  • Select the account tab, a Product information window will open
  • Click on office update options and go for an update now option.

In the case of Microsoft Office 2013 version, everything step of the process is the same till update options, you have to select on enable update option in it.

For Microsoft Office 2010 version:

  • Open the Microsoft office word application in your PC
  • Select on the File tab.
  • A window will pop-up the left side of your PC screen, Select Help from it.
  • A window will come out from the Help tab, select the Check for updates option.

Solution 6

Check Your Limit Error

If you’re getting this limit error message on your computer or Mac while working on any Microsoft office tool. This may be because you have logged in some other device. To resolve it, you just have to log out from other devices. The limit error will stop bothering you.

Check Microsoft Office Activation Status

If you want to know about which version of Microsoft Office, you are using right now. Check some tips below and find out:

  • Open your Microsoft Office application either word or excel.
  • Click on File Option and Select Account.

If the version, you are using is activated, it will be seen written under the text- Product Information. If it is activation is mentioned with details about the product expiry and 5 digits product key. Then you are using a licensed version of Microsoft Office. Otherwise, if the version is copied from somewhere else that space will be highlighted with the yellow box. But you can turn into a valid version, Check below:

  • Go to your Search programs section provided inside the Windows logo.
  • Search for Command and Click on Command prompt.
  • Through command prompt access your C drive and then into program files(x86).
  • After that access into Microsoft Office and implement cscript ospp.vbs/dstatus.
  • After implementing it. When you check again on your Microsoft Office, your version will be activated along with mentioning its expiry date and other information.

For more information or help about Microsoft office or How to activate Microsoft Office on your computer or Mac, you can visit our site and contact us via call.

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